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Automated case management module to improve efficiency of prosecution and management of IP cases. The module supported by a robust digital relationship management to enable a real time communications with clients, foreign associate, partners and external Service Providers.

To improve productivity, enhance customers experience, reduce deadline risks, smoothen communications process for your practice, IPHALL Case Management System is designed to:-

1. Simplify, Streamline and Automate Workflow:
IPHAll helps to simply and streamline IP case management workflow by centralising all the key information and documents relating to a case in a web based secured database. The cases and the information are accessible only by dedicated users (which include clients, authorised members of the IP firm). This will translates to less replication of processes and higher productivity.

2. Reduce Deadline Risks:
To avoid the dire consequences of missing deadlines: Deadline Tracking and Reminders module are designed to enable close tracking and monitoring of all internal and external deadlines associated with a case.

3. Better Customer Experience:
With automated reporting functions, IPHALL helps to automate deadlines and case status reporting at predetermined intervals to clients. Clients can also carry out self-monitoring of their cases and deadlines. All this client centric features will contribute to higher customers experience and clients retention.

01. Case Status Module

The Clients can log in and view their complete IP portfolios and download summary reports. The case module store, process and retrieve complete IP case application information, deadlines, and documents right from the day of filing the Intellectual Property application to publication, registration, and renewal of the Intellectual Property applications in the centralized Intellectual Property repository

02. Automated Status Report Module

The module enables an automated case status report, complete with key IP application details, to be sent to IPHALL users at predetermined intervals

03. Deadline Module

The Deadline Module displays the list of all upcoming internal and official deadlines to the user for Cases. To further investigate any deadline in detail, users can select and click on case in focus.

04. Automated Deadline Reminders Module

Using the automated deadline reminders module, users of IPHALL Solution will receive regular reminders of upcoming approaching deadlines. The users can also give instructions to IP agents on records to on how to attend to the deadlines

05. Electronic Storage Module

A centralized web-based fully secured electronic storage allows IPHALL users to store and retrieve all the documents, deadlines, and details from anywhere at any time.

06. Case Communication Module

Communicating effectively with a client or an IP Agent on each stage of every IP case is a crucial activity and managing these communication emails can be a tedious and time-consuming activity. IPHALL Communication Module comes with a communication manager that allows you to centralise all communication relating to a case in one dedicated room. The module also incorporates in-built software system that automates tracking of all tasks relating to a case.