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Suite 2B-21-1, Level 21,
Block 2B, Plaza Sentral,
Jalan Stesen Sentral 5, KL Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

TELEPHONE  +603-21485050

FAX  +604-6412677


SKYPE ID  ip1.iphall


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Market Offering

Trade Mark 

  1. Trademark Availability Search
  2. Filing / Trade Mark Application
    • National Filing
    • Madrid Filing
    • CTM Filing
  3. Examination
  4. Response to Office Action
  5. Publication & Registration
  6. Opposition
  7. Renewal


  1. Patent Novelty Search
  2. Drafting of Patent Specification
  3. Filing
    • National Filing
    • PCT International Filing
    • PCT National Phase Entry
  4. Substantive Examination
  5. Response to Office Action
  6. Publication & Grant
  7. Renewal

Industrial Design

  1. Design Search
  2. Filing of Industrial Design
  3. Examination
  4. Response to Office Action
  5. Publication & Grant
  6. Renewal

What our clients are saying:

IAM PATENT 1000 on some of the participating firms

With “intimate knowledge of the domestic scene”, Pintas IP is the darling of the nation’s innovators. The team has a high concentration of engineers on its bench, making it a natural ally of universities seeking theoretically rigorous prosecution advice. Frequently acting as a bridge between angel investors and local inventors, it is also blazing a trail in the nascent monetisation space.