About IPHALL – The World’s IP in One Hall

The meaning behind the name

IP – Intellectual property, which is the sole focus of our company service platform

HALL – Defined as “a large corridor in which multiple doors open to”, our service gathers all aspects of intellectual property services for countries around the world (the doors) centralised under our single service platform (the hall)

IPHALL was conceived as a service platform to handle all intellectual property related matters worldwide, conveniently connecting you from your current location anywhere in the world to our team of experienced, knowledgable and dedicated IP professionals to channel your IP rights globally according to your strategic business needs. Whether it is patents, trademarks or industrial design applications, WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU!


These are several reasons why IPHALL is the ideal IP service for all your IP needs:

Streamlined process and centralised service

With conventional IP practices, processes such as: registration, consultation, management, payment and application status checks are often done separately and manually by different departments within an IP/law firm. As a result, mistakes due to human error and miscommunication can occur frequently causing unnecessary delays.With IPHALL, all IP registration matters are centralised within a single service platform vastly streamlining the administration process leading to decreased probability of errors resulting in faster registration to protect your precious invention!

Online patent drafting and filing services

IPHALL now offers clients the choice and ability to draft and/or file their patents from anywhere in the world. Clients can perform patent drafting and/or filing while customizing their strategic needs using our provided easy to use guide. Upon receiving your patent application for drafting and/or filing, we provide further communication assistance and support upon the clients’ request through our online chat service or video conferencing. Our patent technical team is always available to answer and assist with any queries you may have.

Global patent network reach

To our clients, IPHALL is the window to the world. IPHALL gathers clients from all over the world with our IP professionals. We cater to the clients’ customized IP needs and efficiently register both local and foreign patents through our global network of patent partners all around the world. We have a well established business network particularly in ASEAN region.

Connecting East and West

IPHALLacts as the focal point and bridge linking the IP needs of clients between the East and the West. IPHALL’s particularly strong strategic business presence in the Asian region is ideal for clients in the West (eg. USA and Europe) wanting to expand their IP business in Asia. On the other hand, Asian clients (ASEAN region) wanting to file IP related matters in the West particularly in the USA and Europe can do so through IPHALL’s well connected network of IP business partners.

Time saving and cost effective

With IPHALL, all IP matters are handled 100% online within a single service platform. This streamlines the IP registration process minimizing unnecessary complications and delays in filing protection for your precious invention. Direct transmission of data via the secure IPHALL renders physical contact and correspondence for any purpose redundant. All these benefits are translated to lower costs and passed down to benefit our clients as reflected in our highly reasonable service price points.

Efficient quality service by experienced qualified technical staff

We offer a highly efficient service with minimal delays and turnover time period. Be assured that our IP services are of the highest international standards provided by highly experienced and technically qualified staff. All of our staff members possess years of industrial working experience coupled with law degrees and/or postgraduate qualifications. We perform quality checks before passing.

Convenient and ease of use

With IPHALL, you have all the convenience at your fingertips. By clicking and selecting your preferred action online, you can customize our IP services according to your strategic business needs. Filing IP related matters has never been easier with our user friendly interface providing step-by-step instructions on how to do so. We also provide customer help and feedback with our Chat Now! feature should you have any questions or require help/feedback with regards to your IP application(s). Upon request, we also provide Skype video conferencing for consultation.

Secure service

Rest assured that all your IP information are secured as our servers are constantly maintained and backed up to ensure no data is lost. We also have antivirus in place to prevent hacking and viral attacks. We practice a strict non-disclosure policy ensuring no data is ever disclosed.