About IPHALL – The World’s IP in One Hall

IPHALL operates as a platform for the filing of Intellectual Property worldwide. Serving as a station that channels your IP to countries all over the world, IPHALL conveniently connects you to our elite team of IP professionals from locations of your choice.

IPHALL coalesces IP owners and world-class IP professionals of various disciplines into one Hall. We ‘assemble’ and handle all matters relating to registration of IP into one place, effectively eliminating time-consuming, burdensome and lengthy procedures. Through IPHALL, we leave out traditional practices which often generate unnecessary complications and undue delay affecting the smooth registration of Intellectual Property. Read more about us…

Why choose IPHALL?

  • Time-saving
  • Cost-effective
  • Efficiency
  • User-friendly
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Convenient
  • Direct access

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Market Offering

Trade Mark 

  1. Trademark Availability Search
  2. Filing / Trade Mark Application
    • National Filing
    • Madrid Filing
    • CTM Filing
  3. Examination
  4. Response to Office Action
  5. Publication & Registration
  6. Opposition
  7. Renewal


  1. Patent Novelty Search
  2. Drafting of Patent Specification
  3. Filing
    • National Filing
    • PCT International Filing
    • PCT National Phase Entry
  4. Substantive Examination
  5. Response to Office Action
  6. Publication & Grant
  7. Renewal

Industrial Design

  1. Design Search
  2. Filing of Industrial Design
  3. Examination
  4. Response to Office Action
  5. Publication & Grant
  6. Renewal

What our clients are saying:

IAM PATENT 1000 on some of the participating firms

With “intimate knowledge of the domestic scene”, Pintas IP is the darling of the nation’s innovators. The team has a high concentration of engineers on its bench, making it a natural ally of universities seeking theoretically rigorous prosecution advice. Frequently acting as a bridge between angel investors and local inventors, it is also blazing a trail in the nascent monetisation space.